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Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. (by lousie rennison)
If you love laughing, you have got to read these books. They are by far the best comedy books you will ever read.
Book #1 = angus, thongs, and full frontal snogging
Book #2 = On the bright side, I am now the girlfriend of a sex god
Book #3 = Knocked our by my nunga ningas
Book #4 = dancing in my nudie pants
Book #5 = laughing away on a fast camel
I swear to God, you will LOVE these books
Gossip girl (Cecile von Ziegesar)
Book #1 = Gossip Girl
Book #2 = You know you love me
Book #3 = All I want is everything
Book #4 = Because I'm worth it
Book #5 = I like it that way
Book #6 = nobody does it better
The titles may seem wrong, and they are wrong books! But nonetheless, they are fabulous. If you are into people breaking up, getting together, having sex, and leading the most glamourous life, these would be on the top 10 list!!
The sisterhood of the travelling pants:
Book #1 = Girls in pants
Book #2 = The second summer of the sisterhood
Book #3 = The third summer of the sisiterhood
Into girly stuff and hot hot boys? Not to mention a little drama, heart breaks, and girly stuff? You'll love this. I think there is a fourth book coming out soon!