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Saturday, 24th September, 2005
Went shopping today, in Batavia stad. Its like this miniature shopping place with only clothes shops, and its supposed to have famous brands and really cheap. So obviously, I skipped the Chanel and Guici sunglasses. I didn't go into the east pack store. Or into the polo shop. Did you know that there's a brand called Garcia? Our PE teacher is called Garcia. And I dont like her very much... and she also JUST HAPPENS to be our mentor. So now we can never skip class. Hey, I'm not saying skipping class is a good thing. But if it's PE and you really suck at it, then I'd say, skip and revise for the up coming biology tests! But that's just me. And no on takes my advice anyway.
Anything else thats happened: It was tom felton's birthday! And my History teacher thinks I have an imaginairy friend. He also thinks I am a drug dealer. And my science teacher thinks I a boy. Nothing out of the ordinairy, I guess